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Download mobile phone apps for keyword 9apps Java, Latest version of mobile phone apps - 9apps Java. 9apps 2016 is just like every another app store out in the market that you can use for downloading many types of apps, games and many other things.

9Apps, not only provides you a brand new way to hunt massively free android apps and games, but also offers an one-stop service of fast downloading and apps management. With 9Apps, you can discover funny and diversified Android apps and games of high quality every day, making your mobile life full of colors!

Main Features:
1. Abundant apps and games with professional recommendations every day
Variety of free apps and games are waiting for you here. Meanwhile, professional editors will highlight daily recommendations for you. You can easily discover hot and new apps and games, then download them in Google Play.
2. Concise UI with smooth operation
With a less than 1MB installation package, 9Apps saves storage for your device. Meanwhile, concise UI and smooth operation give you great user experience.

Please kindly note that according to Google Play Policies, all the downloading should be redirected to Google Play. Therefore, just take it easy to download what you want for free without worries.

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A free platform for downloading apps

9Apps is an app download platform similar to Google Play or the Apple App Store. The hub has a diverse collection of over 18 million different apps available for safe, secure, fast download to your mobile device. Primarily for Android users, 9Apps offers a huge selection for downloading apps and games, wallpapers, ringtones, and more.

Supported on most Android-based smartphones, 9Apps is easy to use and familiar to navigate due to its intuitive UI. Since its launch in 2012, the service has accumulated a massive database of 250 million users, with both 9Apps and companion platform 9Game both part of UCWeb under Alibaba Group’s mobile business division.

A diverse collection of apps


While Google Play Store takes a more slow and steady approach to downloading, purchasing, and installing apps from its platform, 9Apps’ approach is more laissez-faire. These processes are much easier on 9Apps because the service doesn’t block unsigned applications. Users can install any app they want on their phone, and there won’t be any irritating pop-ups or permission requests.

The danger of this unsupervised approach is obviously that there will be more malware and scam apps than more trusted alternatives. To enhance user's confidence in differentiating which apps are trustworthy, 9Apps’ simple, unblocked approach might be preferable. It’s inarguable that the catalog does have a staggering number of apps; so many that the apps are sorted by category.

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The most trending apps appear on 9Apps’ News tab. The ‘Top Tab’ is an ever-shifting list of apps that receive the most downloads and highest ratings. 9Apps even has a selection of music and videos users can view and listen to directly on the platform. The Categories tab can cycle through more specific genres, and the main menu is easily accessed at the bottom of the platform’s screen.

Since you’ll be spending more time hunting for the right app amidst the multitude of choices, it’s a good thing that the browsing process is also enjoyable. The interface is flashy and stylized, download pages have eye-catching designs, and narrowing down the right app is made more streamlined by listing their score, icon, and file size right above the program.

9Apps vs. Google Play Store

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As a platform for downloading apps for Android, the Google Play Storeis 9Apps’ stiffest competition. The biggest difference between the two app stores is legitimacy vs variety.9Apps pulls the plug on app download restrictions and allows apps from all publishers to be available to the masses. While the Google Play Store still offers thousands of apps, 9Apps’ alternatives to mainstream apps lend it some credence.

Most modded versions of popular apps are not presented on the Google Play Store, which is an excellent example of the difference in services. 9Apps understands that these offshoot programs are preferable since compatibility issues or bugs are noticeable in even big name apps like Spotify, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Google Play Store, on the other hand, keeps its options narrowed down to only the best choices.

When it comes to security, however, Google Play is absolutely the better choice. The apps on the Google Play Store are verified by Android’s built-in malware protection, Google Play Protect. This ensures that any app you download is free of malware, and even goes a step further by scanning the apps on your device to guarantee they’re downloaded from the Google Play Store.

9apps Download New Version

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The Google Play Store is by far more popular between the two app stores, but 9apps' diverse assortment and ability to perform faster, is drawing more popularity. Additionally, 9Apps’ mainstream alternative programs are free, and generally more cost-effective. Overall, if you are looking for a wide range assortment of apps to download, including mod apps, 9Apps is the way to go. But, if you prefer more secure apps, then the Google Play Store is the safer alternative.

An Alternative Hub for Downloading Apps

9apps Free Download

Downloading games and apps from 9Apps may not be as safe as on the Google Play Store, but its convenience, variety, and entertainment make it a great database for all programs and media. The application also grants users access to a litany of applications that aren’t available in the Google Play Store, meaning that to broaden the scope of what’s possible on your device, 9Apps is the app that's required.