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  2. Top protection, performance, and usability on Windows 10 With a low system impact, near-perfect detection rates, and intuitive interface, Avira Free Antivirus delivers a smooth-running solution that doesn’t slow you down and always has your back.
Download multi-award-winning security, trusted by 500 million users worldwide and Fortune 500 companies. One of the most feature-rich security solutions on the market, complete with free antivirus, VPN, Password Manager, and tune-up tools. Also include a suite of privacy features to protect you from hackers, trackers, and scammers. Resource-light, Avira does not slow you down. A trusted partner: we don’t sell your data and never will.
What’s included: security, privacy, and performance.
I. Security benefits: Protects your PC from threats
● Avoid all online threats (ransomware, viruses, banking trojans, spyware, etc.) with our award-winning antivirus
● Identify outdated apps and patch vulnerabilities
● Repair or quarantine compromised files
II. Privacy safeguards: Keeps what you do private
● Encrypt your communications and anonymize your web browsing
● Block phishing attempts, harmful websites, web trackers, and annoying ads
● Create and use dynamic, unhackable passwords for all your accounts
● Securely erase sensitive data for good
● Wipe online traces and data left by browsers
● Prevent Windows apps from sharing your data
III. Performance enhancements: Makes you faster
● Free up space on your PC
● Accelerate your system starts
● Prolong your battery’s life
● Update drivers to improve your hardware’s performance

Easily fix security flaws in your software, such as video-conferencing apps like Zoom

  • Updates your software and drivers
  • Optimizes your hardware’s performance
  • Rids you of update reminders (Adobe, Google, Skype, etc.)

Extensive coverage

We don't have any change log information yet for version of 360 Total Security Free Antivirus. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

Updates all commonly used programs

Bulletproof security

Fixes flaws immediately and blocks zero-day exploits


Secure updates

Ensures all updates are clean and have added value

Flexible selection

Lets you decide when and what to update

Windows compatible

Updates both Windows and third-party software

Enhanced stability

Gives you the latest features, optimizations, and bug fixes

Installed Software Updater, relying on Avira to keep their software safe and up-to-date.

That’s how many our software runs every year – saving you time and effort

That's 30 years of protecting our users' devices and privacy.

Update your apps

Software Updater manages updates and patches for over 150 programs, including the most popular ones. It scans your system for outdated software and helps you download the right ones with a single click.
And with Pro, everything can be set to automatic.

See supported programs

Simplify your life

Searching for updates can be time-consuming. With Software Updater, there'll be no more:

  • Looking for updates
  • Clicking ‘Next’, ‘Next’, ‘Next’ in installers
  • Annoying popup messages asking you to update

With Pro, you can select any program to silently and automatically update.

Fix security flaws

It’s a constant race to identify and close down security loopholes. Avira Software Updater helps you fix them as soon as they’re uncovered, preventing dangerous exploits – like , or – from compromising your computer.

Update your drivers

Outdated drivers cause instability – and that means frequent freezes, printer malfunctions, poor connectivity, and jittery mouse movements. Keep them up-to-date and you’ll improve stability, as well as experiencing significant performance gains, such as faster, smoother graphics.

Avira antivirus old version free download filehippo windows 10See supported drivers
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Suite
  • Audio programs
  • Movie players
  • Internet browsers
  • Utilities
  • Email clients
  • File-sharing software
  • Instant messaging apps
  • And much more!

Update all your drivers *

  • Audio
  • Battery
  • Biometric
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Computer Disk
  • Display
  • Hard Disk
  • Human Interfaces
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Intel Mobile
  • Keyboard
  • Microphone
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Multimedia
  • Network Adapter
  • Printer
  • Processors

Why not just use Windows Update?

A lot of people think that their Windows Update app is all they need. But they’re wrong. Windows Update only updates Windows software. And that leaves a bunch of third-party software and drivers vulnerable to security flaws. Software Updater is designed to remove this worry.

Compare Free vs. Pro

Plug all vulnerabilities – not just Windows software

Avira Software Updater supports hundreds of third-party apps

Compare Free vs. Pro

Vulnerable applications are the highest security concern

Protect yourself from exploits by keeping your software up-to-date

Compare Free vs. Pro

Simple, elegant, and easy to use: Get even more with Pro


Finds outdated applications and alerts you, so you don’t have to search for them. You can then download any update with a single click.


Select the software and drivers you want to always have up-to-date: Avira will silently download patches as soon as they are available.

Rating: 4.5 stars

“No problems at all. Just sits working quietly in the background. Regular updates to software are installed automatically without fuss. ( Unlike MSWindows ).“

William Mitchell

“Very helpful ! From my point of view one of the best !“

Morareanu Leonard

“Works like a charm. Totally dependable, I've had no problems at all.”


Olaf Kruidhof

Free or Pro?

Zero cost or zero effort? Choose the right package for you.

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Software updates

Gives you the latest features & fixes for your software, programs, and apps

Driver updates

Increases your PC’s stability and optimizes your hardware’s performance

Finds security flaws

Identifies and notifies you of outdated programs that need patching

Provides download links

Helps you easily and securely download the latest update for each program

Automatic updates

Silently downloads and updates all your software, apps, and drivers.

Automatic protection from exploits

Automatically patches all known software vulnerabilities

Operating system update

Get early access to the latest Windows operating systems

Priority access

Offers you access to early software releases with all new features & fixes

Customer support

Unlimited access via a toll-free number and email

Download for free

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Unlock premium features with Avira Software Updater Pro

  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic protection from exploits
  • Operating system updates
  • Priority access to updates
  • Customer support
  • No ads
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Stay up-to-date. Stay secure.

Avira Software Updater Pro

Automatic updates for all your software and drivers