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There is a different version of Internet Explorer depending on which Windows operating system you use. The Windows XP version isn't the same as the Windows Vista, which is also different from that of Windows Server 2008. Here you will find the version of Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista.
IE8's interface has gone through very little modifications in regards to the previous version, except for the changes needed to introduce the following new features:
Accelerators. To facilitate integration with the services that Windows Live offers, Microsoft has included in Internet Explorer 8's menu bar a series of direct access links to web apps such as Windows Live blog, email, and Live Search translate, although you can also add accelerators for other third party services, such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, etc.
Visual Search. The search box on the URL bar has been revamped: the icons of the available search engines are shown in the lower part, search suggestions are offered while you type, and results are accompanied by a small image that relates to the search.
Web Slices. A system similar to widgets from Windows Vista or Yahoo! Widgets Engine that allows you to find out updated information on specific topics found on a specific website without having to visit it. For example, you can independently follow an eBay product's auction. That being said, it seems that the developers are the ones that have to adapt their websites to this system.
Other interesting features that Internet Explorer 8 includes are the following:
- Intelligent address bar that indicates suspicious domains and suggests websites found in your favorites, history, and feeds.
- A 'compatibility view' that allows you to view a website with the IE7 engine in case it doesn't display correctly on IE8.
- Private browsing with 'InPrivate,' which doesn't store your browsing history or cookies.
- Recovery of browsing session and last tab closed.
- Text search on a webpage has been improved, and stability has been increased, keeping a tab that isn't working properly from affecting the rest of the browser.
- Zoom function that respects where elements are located on the webpage.
- Tab system that includes a mini preview of all the tabs that are open, and grouping of tabs by color in regards to the domain they belong to.
Internet Explorer 8 is available for Windows XP SP2 and SP3; Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP 1; Windows Server 2003 SP2 and Windows Server 2008, although in the private area you will find the area for Windows Vista.
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After having viewed how all competitors have renewed their look and feel and engines and are now getting better and better, Microsoft has decided to update Internet Explorer.
In this new version, Microsoft wants to end up with web standards compatibility problems and it supports for HTML5 and CSS3.
The other strong point of IE9 is speed. It is the resposibility of a new Javascript engine and a faster and more powerful renderization to lead this new IE to be among the best web browsers again.
Internet Explorer 9 also breaks XP limits, because it's only compatible with the recent versions of windows to ensure optimum performance.
This new IE9offers the posibility to add websites to Windows taskbar,very similar to web applications by Chrome.
The Ddownloadmanager haschanged too. Now it offers one very similar to he one we find in Firefox.
Anew tab system, someting similar to Speed Dial,... in short,Microsoft has seen the advantages of other web browsers and has decided to change its point of view. It's a mix of all those good features we can find on other web browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
IE9 is back, better than ever.Internet Explorer 9 wants to be a weel-known web browser again.

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Internet Explorer 8 For Windows Xp 32 Bit Download Full Version

6/10 (442 votes) - Download Internet Explorer 8 Free. Download Internet Explorer 8 free with a new private browsing mode and Web Slice function. IE8 offers important improvements regarding both speed & security. Rivalry between the different web browsers is terrifying, but everyone always. Find out the steps to download and install Internet Explorer® 8 on Windows® XP based PC.If you need tech support, iYogi™ tech support can be availed round-th. Download Latest Version for Windows. Internet Explorer is the world's most popular Web browser. Security, ease of use, and improvements in RSS, CSS, and Ajax support are Microsoft's priorities for Internet Explorer. This version of IE runs on Windows XP. Internet Explorer 8 For Windows Xp 32 Bit - CNET Download. Showing 31-40 of 396.