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Lightworks is a fairly popular video editing software that’s been around for ages. But detailed guides on the app do not explain some of the simpler things. That makes it hard for total beginners to use the app properly. Many beginners don’t even know how to save or export the files they edit because the app does not have a beginner-friendly interface.

Lightworks free. download full Version

Lightworks does not have a “save file” or “save as” option like other common editing software. Instead, you need to navigate to the sequence commands and export the file from there in the format you want.

Finding the sequence and formatting options is a bit of a challenge for most beginners. There are also different upload options and additional format options for the Pro version and free version. I’ll explain how to export and save Lightworks projects so that you don’t have to test each option blindly.

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How To Export & Save Projects from Lightworks?

You can select a file to export in a few different formats on Lightworks. The number of available formats will differ based on your Lightworks version status. The Pro version users have access to more than the Free users.

Formats such as Blue-ray and DVD are not available for Free users. Also, the resolution caps at 720p on the free version of Lightworks. You can get up to 2160p on the Pro version though, as well as a few other format options.

You can export a Lightworks project in these few simple steps:


Step 1: First, open up the file you want to export and right-click on the clip under the filter tab or the sequence tab if you want to export a specific sequence from the clip.

Step 2: Right-click on the timeline, and select the sequence commands. The sequence command should be between the segment and timeline commands.

Step 3: Select “Export” from the drop-down menu under the sequence command. It should be at the very bottom of the list.

Step 4: You will see the options Targets, Backup, Interchange, Media files, and Camera formats after bringing your cursor on top of ‘Export’. From there, you need to select Targets.

Step 5: You can now choose the target format from the drop-down menu. Blu-Ray and DVD will be greyed out unless you are using a Pro version. Free users can only choose between YouTube and Vimeo.

Step 6: Additionally, you can opt to select Backup instead of Target. That will let you save the file on your hard drive in its current state.

You can export a completed file, in other words, the full clip you were editing. Alternatively, you have the option to Archive the file, which is more like a backup. There is also the editable sequence that you can share with other people and other editing systems.

How To Select Export Format?

The next part of exporting is the format options for YouTube, Vimeo. When you click either of the export types, you’ll see a pop-up window with the formatting options on it. You can export the desired options by following the steps below:

Step 1: The first option on the new pop-up should be the Frame rate. You can select between 24, 23.98,25,30, to 60 fps. You can also get custom options with a Pro version.

Step 2: The second option on the list should be Size. You can select from 240p to 720p on the free version.

Step 3: The 3rd option is called Region. The first option under the Region settings is called the “Marked section”. It will let you select the portion of the clip you want to export. You can define the marked section by clicking on the little blue arrow buttons under the clip sequence tab.

Alternatively, you can also select the Whole sequence to export the entire clip. Note, this will export the unused parts of the video too.

If you want to upload only the used clip you selected, then choose “Ignore leading/trailing black”. That will ignore the unused section from the timeline once you export it.

Step 4: You can now select the destination folder from the pop-up window. And then you can name your file and select “start” at the bottom-left corner of the pop-up. A sequence timer should start running at the top-left corner of the Lightworks tab.

The exporting time will vary depending on how large your file is. And You do need to stay connected to the internet if you want to upload the file directly to YouTube or Vimeo. You will need to check the box beside “upload on Vimeo/YouTube” for the direct upload option to work, otherwise, Lightwork will save the file in your default directory.

How To Manage Projects on Lightworks?

Beginners also need some help with managing existing projects aside from exporting and saving. Here, I will explain some additional helpful tips regarding that subject:

Making New Projects

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You can make new projects by clicking on the Create new project option under the Local Projects tab. That will lead you to a pop-up where you can select the name. You can also choose the format of your new project.

You can pick a set frame rate or a mixed one depending on what you want to work with. Set Frame Rate will keep all the sequences at a single framerate. On the other hand, a mixed frame rate will use the default frame rate of each sequence.

Opening Older Projects

Your previous existing projects will all appear under the Local Projects tab. You can choose how to sort them by clicking on the sorting option on the top right. Also, you may search them by name by clicking on the search icon beside the sorting option.

You can also find archived files and then recover them. Archived files stay on your hard drive, and you can bring them back by clicking on the ‘Restore an Archived Project’ option. It will bring up the list of your archived files, and you can choose from there.

Closing & Deleting a Project

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Lightworks video editor windows 10

Closing a project is easy, all you need to do is click the exit button on the project window. You will find it at the top left corner of the window. Deleting a project is a lot messier, especially if you have multiple media resources linked or uploaded in it.

You can delete a project by clicking on the settings icon on the project. It will let you choose from a few different options, and one of them is ‘Delete Project’ A Warning though, any media file on your project as a Copy local or transcode will also get deleted when you delete the project.

People often do not want to delete their media resources when deleting a project because those things can be used for a new project later. That is why it’s best to upload the media files as a link. The linked media files do not get deleted once you delete the project, only the link gets terminated.

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Lightworks Video Editor Windows 10

As you can see, the process of exporting and saving files is not that complex. The only reason people have a hard time with it is the absence of an easy-to-reach ‘Save file’ option. You can manage the exported clips through the Content Manager in the Project Contents window. You can also check the different bins and saved sequences from that tab. That’s pretty much all you need to know about how to export and save Lightworks projects.