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  • Close all running programs, including antivirus programs.
  • Remember to restart your antivirus program(s) after the software installation is complete.

    Once done, you can refer to the following article to download your desired version: Download a Free 30-day Trial. Then, save the downloaded file where you can easily locate it, like to your Windows Desktop. After that, you can follow the steps below on how to install QB Desktop: Once done, follow the steps below to install QuickBooks.

    • Click Install to install the QuickBooks 2012/13 application. Or Click Trial to install the QuickBooks 2012/13 trial version. Note: If you want to upgrade an existing QuickBooks company fi le using the QuickBooks 2012/13 Trial version, read the instructions for existing users in this booklet and see page 12 to check your upgrade path and edition.
    • Download QuickBooks Accountant 2007 Trial Edition for Windows to get an accounting software with industry appropriate language and templates.
  • Click the link for your version of QuickBooks:
    QuickBooks 2018
    QuickBooks 2017
    QuickBooks 2015
    QuickBooks 2014*
  • *IMPORTANT! QuickBooks 2014 is no longer supported by Intuit and is not compatible with Windows 10.

    The following steps assume you are using the Microsoft Edge web browser. Depending on the web browser used, your steps may differ.

  • Click Run in the download bar then click Yes in the dialog box that appears.
  • Intuit Quickbooks 2012 Download

    The Intuit Download Manager window will appear. The length of time required for the download will depend on your Internet speed. Ensure the Launch when done option is selected.

  • Once the download is complete, click Next in the QuickBooks Financial Software 2018 window.
  • Click Next and the license agreement will display. Read the agreement then click to place a check in the 'I accept the terms of the license agreement' checkbox, and then click Next again.
  • Enter the license and product numbers that you gathered earlier then click Next.
  • Ensure the Express (recommended) option is selected and click Next.
  • Click Install in the next window.

    The QuickBooks Desktop Installer will begin installing the software on your computer. It can take a little time, so be patient!

  • Click Open QuickBooks when the installation is complete and the 'Congratulations' screen is displayed.
  • Read through the 'How QuickBooks Desktop uses your Internet connection' window, if it is displayed, then click OK.

    QuickBooks Desktop opens with the No Company screen displayed. You may continue to the next topic.

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    Activate Your Trial

    The first time you open a company file in QuickBooks, you will be asked to active the software. You have 30 days to complete this task.

    1. Click Activate.
    2. Enter the information for your new Intuit account then click Create Account.
    3. Here is an example. Be sure to enter your own information and a secure password!

    4. Provide all required information for your customer account (required field are shown with an asterisk *). When you're finished, click Next. Use these illustrations as examples.
    5. NOTE! You must enter a company name to activate your copy of QuickBooks. If you don't have a company, enter your own name in the Company Name field.

    6. Once the activation is complete, a confirmation window will appear. Print the page or save it as a PDF file for your records.
    7. You may continue to the next topic.

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    Toggle to the Pro Edition

    Your trial software defaults to the Accountant edition. If you are using a Labyrinth 'QuickBooks Pro' book and your classroom is using Quick Grader, you must toggle to the Pro edition of the software every time you start QuickBooks. Even if your classroom does not use Quick Grader, toggling to Pro ensures your screen fully matches the illustrations and instructions in your book.

    NOTE! If you're using a Labyrinth 'Payroll Accounting' book, there's no need to toggle to Pro.
    1. In QuickBooks, choose File > Toggle to Another Edition.
    2. Click in the circle to the left of QuickBooks Pro then click Next.
    3. Read the information in the window then click Toggle.
    4. It will take a few moments for QuickBooks to toggle to Pro, so be patient. The title bar will show that you are toggled to the correct edition.

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    Common Questions

    How do I know if I have a digital download? Look for a product/license key or an activation ID on the inside front cover of your book or on a square card bundled with your book. This information is used for the digital download.

    Why do I have to download and install the software, isn't it the same thing? Downloading the software pulls a package from the Internet and places it on your computer. Installing essentially opens that package and sets up the software so you can use it.

    What is my product number? For QuickBooks 2018, use 129-813. For QuickBooks 2017, use 760-899. For QuickBooks 2015, use 503-153.

    How is the 30-day registration period different from the 140-day trial? Within 30 days of installing the software, you must register it with Intuit. The trial software is good for 140 days total from the date of installation.

    Do I have to toggle to the Pro edition? If you are using our 'QuickBooks Pro' book and Quick Grader, you must toggle to the Pro edition so your screen matches the figures in the book. Remember to toggle to Pro every time you start QuickBooks. If you are using our 'QuickBooks Pro' book but not using Quick Grader, toggling is optional--but doing so ensures your screen matches the book. If you are using a 'Payroll Accounting' book, you do not need the Pro edition.

    What if I am taking a QuickBooks course and a Payroll course at the same time? Install the software just once using either license key. Save the second key to install the software on another computer -- or on the same computer after the first trial expires.

    What if I am taking a QuickBooks course and a Payroll course in different semesters? Install the software initially using either license key. If the trial expires before both classes end, uninstall the expired trial and then reinstall using the other key. Remember: For best results, uninstall and then reinstall!

    How do I use the QuickBooks trial software with my Payroll Accounting textbook? Refer to your 'Payroll Accounting' student resource center or eLab course for guidance.

    What if I'm using a Mac? Your QuickBooks trial software is for use on Windows-based PCs. It may not be installed on Mac computers or mobile devices using the iOS or Android operating system. More information about QuickBooks system requirements is available here.

    For additional software support, please visit the QuickBooks support website.

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