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Restaurant Games download free. full VersionRestaurant games download free. full version free
Android version: 4.1+
My Cafe — Restaurant game – cooking simulator, in which you will become the Manager of a small restaurant. At the beginning of the game you will get a small simple establishment. Your task is to raise this small institution to a huge restaurant. You will play the role of Manager, and you will also play for the cook. Decorate the building to your liking, buy new tables, furniture, various decorations and much more. Make sure that everything in your restaurant is comfortable and beautiful. Hire employees who will help you with the restaurant. If they don't do their job well, fire and hire others. Those who work well, raise their wages, and they will work even better. For regular customers, you make discounts. They will come to you even more often and you will only benefit from this. Prepare the best drinks that people will come for every day, even from other cities. Give every visitor comfort and comfort and your business will always flourish.
Restaurant Games download free. full Version

Download My Cafe — Restaurant game (MOD, Unlimited Money) free for android

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The last time you found yourself screaming Eat it! Eat it! at your monitor was probably as you were pumping lead into a pack of Nazis in Battlefield 1942. But the next time your vitriolic exhortations could well be meant for the food critic from the local paper who's turning his nose up at your latest culinary creation in Restaurant Empire.

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The latest tycoon management game from Trevor Capitalism' Chan, Restaurant Empire starts you off as an up-and-coming restaurateur with the task of first making your small joint a success, and then turning it into a fully-fledged chain of eateries.Where Capitalism was all spreadsheets and flow charts, this culinary empire builder takes its lead from games such as The Sims and presents its wares in 3D. But don't be fooled. For one, RE is dry as a bone, lacking the kooky humour and emphasis on light entertainment of The Sims. And what's more, underneath the tempting veneer is the daunting level of detail you'd expect from Mr Chan.

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Choose your decor, hire chefs, design menus, arrange your suppliers and the quality of ingredients, decide on pay scales for the waiting staff - for fans of the genre, getting x to grips with it all will be a mouthwatering prospect. But for others, it'll be aboutas appetising as piss cake.

Our main gripe is despite the nice-looking visuals, the game's mechanics can only be really accessed through a bunch of stat screens and information menus.

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Meaning you soon lose interest in the 3D view, as the real number-crunching action is taking place behind the scenes. And not even the odd celebrity visit, master chef competition, or random event in the campaign mode will divert you from your profit and loss accounts for long.

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It's good at what it does, only it's not really to our tastes.