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Win 10 download test version and windows 10 32 bit free download? I'm looking for the Microsoft Windows 10 with all updates Home Premium 32 as iso download, where can I find the internet page? Free Download Windows 10 with all updates Profesional? I want Windows 10 Testing, Is there a Windows version 10 test? Download Windows 10 21H1 32/64 bit ISO Terbaru. Sekarang Windows 10 telah banyak digunakan di berbagai macam perangkat. Versi final terbaru-nya adalah 21H1. Versi ini rilis pada mei 2021 dan sebagai penerus dari 20H2. Windows 10 adalah sistem operasi terbaru dari Microsoft yang selalu akan di update hingga 2025. On the General tab, click Change and select Windows Explorer for the program you would like to use to open ISO files and select Apply. Right-click the ISO file and select Mount. Double-click the ISO file to view the files within. Double-click setup.exe to start Windows 10 setup. More download options.

Windows 10 Pro (ISO file full version 32/64bits) for PC was published on July 29, 2015. For all kinds of devices like desktop PC, Laptop PC, handphones, tablets, and much more. It uses the same software on all platforms and servers for both home and business activities. Unlike its predecessor, it runs developed apps on all Windows 10 devices, and universal apps. It can be run in normal windows as normal software applications.

Windows 10 1903 the seventh updated version was published on May 21, 2019. It was preceded by the version 1803. An awesome version with packed features that bring an outstanding change in the operating system. As a mixture of windows 7 and windows 8, windows 10 is very easy and simple to use. You can run it on PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Xbox One, Surface Hub, and Holo lens. Some old features with a new touch, the software is a whole changed version, to experience more flexibly and smoothly.

Windows 10 Pro Free Download Features

Simple Interface

Two user interfaces, one with a keyboard and mouse. And the other is for the touch screen is very simple and easy to use. You can change the size of the screen which is a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Existing of all apps on the screen, easily run them together. The taskbar menu helps you to open multiple apps as well as create a fresh virtual desktop.


The lock screen for security from 4 pins in Windows 8 to 35+ in Windows 10 gives a fresh and wonderful feeling to its user.

Attractive Themes

On the welcome screen, several eye-catching themes for an exciting experience. The phone users can enjoy the changing of colors on the screen.


The Cortana gives you the chance to enter your beautiful voice.

Disabled Features

The new edition of Windows 10 has been removed some old features like Windows Media Center, Windows DVD player, One Drive Sync-Client, choice of updating Windows by the user himself.

Several Editions

Windows 10 introduces several editions for users of different lifestyles. Some areas following are given.


Home Edition supports 4 GB RAM for the 32-bit version and 128 GB RAM for the 64-bit version. It is the basic version for home PC and tablet with new features like Cortana, Edge Browser, Mobile Management Facility, and Taskbar with a virtual desktop, and few others.


Pro Edition for PC and tablets is especially designed for home users, professionals, and small business activities. It is consists of all Home Edition features with some extra such as BitLocker, Joining Windows domain, Hyper-V, Windows To Go, and few business-related features. It supports 2 TB RAM.



Enterprise Edition is a packed feature program of security, hardware, software. You need to get the Microsoft Volume License to run the edition. It is used by both large and small organizations. Containing all Pro features, and some other features like AppLocker, Microsoft Application, Virtualization, Device Guard, DirectAccess, and a lot more. It also supports 2 TB RAM for the 64-bit version.


Education Edition supports the academic system (schools, colleges, universities). It also demands Microsoft Academy Volume License. It is a wonderful mixture of Pro and Enterprise versions.

How to Install Windows 10

To install the program follow the instructions as given below

  1. Go to the download section and download the Windows 10 ASO file image.
  2. Install Rufus or any other USB bootable creation software.
  3. A plug-in USB drive of 8-16 GB space with PC.
  4. Open Rufus, choose the ISO image file, start the process.
  5. Next, plug the bootable USB in the required system for installing Windows 10.
  6. Restart PC.
  7. Click on the menu key of USB and choose it to boot first.
  8. Start Windows 10 installer.
  9. After installing Windows 10, select language, time, etc.
  10. Click on ‘Install Now’.
  11. Type product key if you need it.
  12. Choose the installation type on Custom.
  13. In case of already installed windows just select Windows Drive and Format partition.
  14. Start installation after choosing the primary partition.
  15. Don’t press any key during installation even in case of restarting the system.
  16. Click on ‘Do this later’ in case of asking the product key.
  17. Follow the instruction to complete the installation.
  18. After completing installation go to the desktop and eject USB drive.

Main Features Windows 10 Pro

  • Iconic start menu
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Cortana Virtual Assistant
  • Improved Notepad
  • Microsoft Defender ATP
  • Background Blur Lock screen
  • Custom color for the mouse pointer
  • Single column start menu
  • Emoji panel
  • Colorful themes
  • Security resources
  • Store and Universal apps
  • Improved Snap view
  • Snipping tool
  • Cross-platform
  • Microsoft License
  • Games and multimedia
  • Windows 10 defender
  • Task view and Virtual Desktops
  • Multi-factor user authentication
  • Snap assist
  • Notification center
Windows 10 Download Iso 32 Bit Crack Full Version

Note: This is Trail Version for Activation Then Buy From Microsoft Official Website

Windows 11 ISO File 32/ 64 Bit Download, Leak News, Features- Release date November 22, 2021 by Admin Soon after the leak of Windows 11 features and ISO files, Tech-savvy people have gone crazy for all the information about Windows 11 that they can get. 9 For computers with Windows 10 in S mode, download this version of PC Health Check app. Note that this app does not check for graphics card or display, as most compatible devices will meet those requirements (see Windows 11 Specifications). 10 Some apps shown coming later. Certain apps only available through Microsoft Store app in Windows 11. Yet, if Windows 10 VL variant is introduced, all things considered, you should embed that version nonexclusive key to recapture enactment. Or then again you can utilize the key-introduce choice in this apparatus. How To Download Windows 11 ISO 32 and 64 Bit Free Download? First, uninstall the old version. Download the file by the given link above. First of all, launch Rufus and click on the ‘ Select ‘ button. Next, choose the Windows 11 ISO file that you can download. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to flash Windows 11 on the USB drive via Rufus. Once done, restart your computer and press the boot key while your PC boots up.

HomeDownloadDownload Windows 11 ISO 64-Bit Free Full Version 2021

The next version of windows is going to be Windows 11 and shall be by holiday 2021, over the next few months and years, windows insiders shall try out all new features and learn about what’s in store. Follow through to know all about the new version.

Now, if you are signed in as a windows insider then you shall be able to download Windows 11 64-Bit ISO right away in full version and for free too, says Microsoft, it states that anyone in Beta or Dev channels shall be qualified to get version 11 Insider Builds even if their hardware does not meet all the system requirements.

To sign up or change the channel in this, you need:

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Then “update and security”.
  • Finally “windows insider program”.

We have spent a lot of time testing the new operating system. Our first takeaway is that many UI elements such as the start menu look modern but appears to take more space or carries less information into the same space as version 10. Well, some may like this new change but we didn’t love it at all.

In the first press conference, Microsoft stated that version 11 shall be out by “holiday 2021” which could mean any time between October and December. But, the company has hinted that OS shall launch on October 20th.

It sounds like the initial launch date shall be available for the pre-loaded system and not for all users who have version 10 to get an update. A Tweet from the Official windows account said:

All users shall not get free updates till 2022

Table of Contents

  • 1 About Windows 11 Free Upgrade
  • 2 Windows 11 New Features

About Windows 11 Free Upgrade

Just like windows 10, version 11 shall be a free update for all who have a recent prior version of windows and the right hardware. The company has listed certain requirements which we have listed below, it is not clear either the new OS shall install if your system does not meet all of them.

Windows 11 Requirements are not the best

  1. CPU: 1-GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a 64-bit processor.
  2. 4GB of RAM
  3. 64GB of storage
  4. UEFI BIOS with Secure Boot
  5. TPM 2.0 Chip
  6. 9-inch or larger screen with 720p resolution
  7. Internet connectivity and an MS account. No offline installs.
  8. GPU compatible with DirectX 12

Now, all these exceed version 10 system requirements in many ways. Microsoft lists those as 1-GHz CPU just 1 or 2GB RAM, mere 16 to 20 GB space, and a GPU which is capable of DirectX 9 with a minimum resolution of 800 into 600.

TPM 2.0 requirements can shut many users especially those who carry home-built systems. All motherboards do not carry a TPM module on board though some are upgradeable with a TPM module you can buy after the fact, most of the systems have this onboard but it comes disabled so you shall have to turn off BIOS.

Microsoft also plans to release non-TPM versions of version 11 for countries that do not support or somehow have banned it, including Chine and Russia. The fact that Microsoft can do this actually calls into question either TPM 2.0 needs to be a hard requirement for anyone.

It gets even more complicated as even though its spec list mentions 1-GHz, 64-bit, 2 core CPUs as a minimum, the company also has a list of supported CPUs and processors which are 7th Gen Intel or 1 Gen AMD Ryzen or below are not on it.

It has also released even more detailed requirements which mention some of the hardware requirements for OEMs who are building version 11 systems.

Most of these are no-brainers such as having a power button that turns on the system when pressed, but interestingly all the new non-desktops shall need to have front-facing cams to at least 720p resolution starting from 2023. Moreover, all such systems which use touchpads shall have windows precision touchpads and all non-desktops to have Bluetooth LE connectivity. All PCs, even desktops need some kind of network connectivity through wifi is not needed.

It has implied that even systems that carry TPM 2.0 and secure boot but are older than an Intel 8th Gen Core or AMD Ryzen 2000 series CPU shall not be supported in the final release. The company has released AMD and Intel CPU compatibility lists that omit anything which is older than those generations.

Now, both the Intel 7th Gen Core and AMD Ryzen 1000 series that came out by 2017 are made and sold actively. Like Microsoft’s own Surface Studio 2 carries a 7th Gen Core chip inside and sells for more than $3200.

We have asked its spoke person regarding lists and did not get what we expect to be a firm answer. Microsoft has just announced that it has planned to test 7th Gen Intel processors and AMD Ryzen 1 chips to check if they are capable to check version 11 well, if so, it shall add them to the compatibility list. There have been no words on either the company plans to rest older chips than that.

Windows 11 New Features

A New Start Menu

This new menu appears in the middle of the screen by default though you can change it by making a change in the setting. Gone are live titles replaced with simple yet colorful icons.

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Now according to Microsoft, it uses “the cloud” to help as it shows recommended applications or documents, no matter what the device one was working on before. Like Microsoft Partner Director of Windows User Experience, Carmen Zlateff showed how a document she was looking for on her phone device appeared in the start menu on her system.

The new version also comes with a new search experience, which for now appears in a separate window, this also is used to search across devices and services and for using Bing search for the web.

Dynamic Refresh Rates for Monitors

It supports DDR. This allows it to switch between low refresh rates (60 Hz) and high ones (120Hz+) to balance the usage of power and user experience. If you carry a system that is 120 Hz or higher, a graphic card that supports AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync, and applications that support this feature, the screen shall go to lower refresh when nothing is happening but as you begin to scroll, the rate shall tick up.

Graphics cards will need to have new WDDM 3.0 compatible drivers. The current applications which support the feature include Microsoft Office, Edge, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Photos, and Drawboard PDF.

Custom Wallpapers

Iso 32 Viscosity

This has been improvised so that each desktop can have its very own wallpaper and distinct look. Zlateff said that this is quite a good way to separate work from home and gaming experiences.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Teams icon shall be on the taskbar and you shall be able to use it and make calls to all who use Teams on any device including iOS and Android devices. From the taskbar, the user shall be able to send and receive SMS messages.

Windows 10 Download Iso 32 Bit Crack Full Version V1 04

Newsfeed adapts to you, trying to bring feeds of your interest. It also carries features that let you give some content creators a tip.

Windows Widgets

A slide-out pane thereon the left side of the screen shall show you windows widgets; a set of curated news, stock, and weather information. This is a clear evolution of the news bar and weather we see in recent versions of version 10.

Xbox Game Pass is now Built-in

This shall as built-in in version 11; therefore if you buy a membership then you shall access many of the titles. The Xbox Cloud Gaming shall also be available so you can play on systems that carry lesser hardware.

Alternative ISO Files

  1. Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Activated).
  2. Windows 98 SE Edition.


Microsoft will package Office 2021 with the official release of Windows 11. It has received a total revamp with the most focus being on collaboration features. You can now collaborate in real-time with colleagues or friends. The looks have also taken note and share the same theme of Windows 11 over the board of apps.

Windows 11 ISO Download 64-Bit Full Version (Latest)

A new operating system is a welcomed announcement from Microsoft. This page provides Windows 11 64-Bit ISO in a direct download Link. Be sure to have the TPM 2.0 chip and secure boot enabled. This is the official disc image that has been untouched and not modified by our team. Please also note that this is NOT the insider preview.

NOTE: This is the official (preview) Image from the Microsoft website.

HomeटेकWindows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit Download Link, Release Date,...

Windows 11 ISO file download 64/32 Bit Full version Google drive Files available on 24th June 2021. Microsoft Windows 11 Free Download In India Official Release Date live update. Now WIN 11 Update and Upgrade WIN 10, 7, 8 Full Version ISO File 32 / 64 Bit available. Windows 11 officially release Today on 24th June 2021 at 11 AM ET. After release the Windows 11 ISO File 64 Bit Full version for Laptop/PC will be downloaded from

MS Windows 11 System Requirements, Features, Installation Guide, How to Upgrade Win 7, 8, 10 are explained in this article. After the launch of windows 10, The users waits for Windows 11. Now your wait is over, You can now Download Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit. Microsoft organizing an event on 24 June at 11 AM for announcing the release date of Windows 11 Download ISO Full Free reddit and mega.

LIVE Updates- Windows 11 launch event will start from 11 ET (08:30 PM IST) today on 24th June 2021. The windows 11 new features, release date, ISO File and Many more things will be discussed in this event. Stay tuned for the Video Link & other details.

Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit Google Drive

Most of the Windows 10 users waiting for the launch of Windows 11. Now their wait is over, They can now Download Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit. Most of users in India already have Windows 11 Downloaded to their systems because the windows 11 leaked before its launch. We recommend all of you to Download windows 11 ISO file for 32/64 Bit Officially, once available on the Official website. If you want to Download Windows 11 ISO File or Upgrade Windows 10 then you need to Download Windows 11 from Microsoft Official Website.

Windows 11 ISO file will be available after the launch on the Official website of In this article we will give you more details on Windows 11 SE lite version and how you can able to download Windows 11 ISO File Build 21996.1 2021 latest version?

Windows 11 Free Download

Windows 11 Release Date In India

Officially, the Windows 11 release date is 24th June at 11 AM ET. As per Microsoft tweeter handle- Microsoft is going to release the Window 11 On Thursday(24 June) at Microsoft big event. Microsoft will confirm the Windows 11 release date, launch date, Windows Features & other updates. Windows 11 ISO Download Release Date is 24 June 2021. Thus, users can now be ready to use the next generation of Windows. Because Windows 11 launched, the update will be available on the Microsoft website. Then, the users can find the ISO file on the website for free. However, they have to pay to use the new version of Windows.

If you want to upgrade your Operating System to Windows 11. All the users of Windows 7, 8, and 10 can expect the update in their systems after the Windows 11 Launch. Then, the new update can be run on the current version with upgrades.

MS Windows 11 Minimum system requirements

Many People asks for Windows 11 system requirements, So here are system requirements. You can Check:

Windows 11 Download Iso 64 Bit Crack Full Version Pre Activated 2021 Download

Windows 11 Features & requirements

Microsoft will unveils the features of Windows 11 on Thursday(24th June). As the windows 11, so we have mentioned some of the features of Windows 11.

  • New start Menu, taskbar menu, New Search Bar
  • Task View- New task view this time
  • New Options are added in windows 11 version
  • New features added on Widget-weather Updates & news at a glance
  • Snap Controls:- users can multitask easily with snap controls. You can snap windows in varied forms.
  • Split screens and creating various groups in the windows 11 has also been added.
  • Trendy and new icons has been added this time.
  • New animations has also been part of Windows 11 SE.
  • Widgets- The version provides widgets like weather updates, news at a glance, sports, etc.
  • New Icons, Wallpapers, and Sounds- When the user opens the File Explorer option, he will be able to notice several new icons, sounds, and wallpapers.
  • Emoji and Clipboard Panel- This time, the designers have combined the panels. On pressing Window Key+ Period Button, one can observe emojis, kaomoji, GIFs, symbols, and the history of the clipboard.
  • Terminal Window- This option can be accessed with the right click on the screen. This shows features like Unicode, multiple tabs, panes, UTF-8 character, custom themes, styles, etc.
  • Xbox and Microsoft Store- User

How to Download Windows 11 on Windows 10

If you are a windows 10, 7, 8 user and want to update your OS on Windows 11, Then you can definitely upgrade your Windows or Operating System. But before the update, The main thing is, If your Windows is Original means Activated or getting Updates then you can able to Windows 11 Upgrade. If you not get updates from Microsoft on your current windows then you can not update Windows 10 to Windows 11. If you get the updates and your windows is activated you can Download Windows 11 on Windows 10.

  • Go to the update center of your system.
  • From there to settings.
  • After that Update and security- windows update.
  • Check for any update.
  • Windows 11 Upgrade Utility steps:
  • Go to the Microsoft website.
  • Then download page.
  • Click update now.
  • Upgrade utility activation key will start downloading on your page.
  • Launch it.
  • Furthermore, in the welcome window click update and at last click next.

Windows 11 Download 32-64 Bit Installation Process

  1. First visit the Microsoft website
  2. Download the ISO File for 32 Bit or 64 Bit as per your system
  3. Then, get a USB drive with 16 Gb space at a minimum.
  4. Also, using Rufus, you can make the Pendrive bootable.
  5. Then, select Windows 11 ISO file and launch the Rufus file which you downloaded.
  6. Keep the settings at default.
  7. Then, your USB Drive will have a flash of Windows 11.
  8. Now, you have to plug the drive wherever you want to install Windows 11.
  9. In the next step, you have to restart your PC.
  10. After the System Restarts keep pressing the Boot key.
  11. From the Boot device option, Select USB as primary installation.
  12. Now enter the start Button & Windows 11 will started installing.
  13. Now Choose Language, Time & Keyboard options.
  14. Click on Install No button.
  15. provide the Product key, if u don’t have then select I don’t have product key option.
  16. Now select the windows 11 Edition & select the partition for windows 11 installation.
  17. Click Next and your window 11 will start to Install.

Download Windows 11 for Free

Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit FAQ

Windows 10 Download Iso 32 Bit Crack Full Version

Release date of Windows 11 32/64 Bit version?

Windows 10 Download Iso 32 Bit With Crack Full Version 2021

June 24, 2021.

Windows 11 Download Iso 64 Bit Crack Full Version Pre Activated 2021 Full

Is windows 11 will be faster than windows 10?

Yes, If you have good Hardware on your system then windows 11 is smother than windows 10.

How to Download the Windows 11 ISO file 64 Bit to PC/Laptop

Windows 10 Download Iso 32 Bit With Crack Full Version 2018

The Download Process are mentioned above you can fallow those to download.

Windows 11 Download Iso 64 Bit Crack Full Version Pre Activated 2021 Release

Will Microsoft Windows 11 Available for 7, 8 and 10 ?

Yes, it will be available for all devices.

Windows 11 Download ISO 64 Bit Crack Full Version Pre Activated 2021 Download

Direct link of Windows 11 Download ISO Install 64 Bit Free windows 11.1 Upgrade 2021?

Windows 11 Download Iso 64 Bit Crack Full Version Pre Activated 2021 Free

All the Direct Download Links of Windows 11 are mentioned above.

How to Download Windows 11 on Windows 10?

The Process of Download Windows 11 on Windows 10 is explained above, please read it.